I’ll never forget the way they looked up at me. They all shared the same look of helplessness and fear.

I’ll never forget the way they looked up at me. They all shared the same look of helplessness and fear.”

—Tyler, an MFA investigator

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An MFA Investigation

One mother pig stumbled down a corridor with her uterus hanging outside her body. She wouldn’t live much longer.

A worker grabbed a piglet, just hours old, by the feet and swung him high and then slammed his head down against the hard concrete. Any life left quickly vanished.

Pigs are smart and sensitive animals. But at factory farms, such as this JBS supplier, they live a nightmare. Just-released video footage and a personal account from Tyler, an MFA investigator, reveal the torture and routine abuse pigs endure behind locked doors.

Here’s what Tyler witnessed:

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Pigs are just as smart and caring as dogs. When a mother pig gives birth, she wants to protect her piglets.

But at this factory farm, mothers are forced to live in filthy conditions, and their piglets are taken from them.

I documented workers ripping out testicles and cutting teeth of baby pigs without any painkillers.

Workers also viciously kill piglets by grabbing their hind legs and smashing their heads against the ground.

Open sores and painful wounds frequently go untreated.

Mother pigs suffer from untreated injuries and illness.

In this video, a mother pig’s uterus hangs outside her body.

Many piglets cannot survive these horrific conditions. Each body, callously thrown away like garbage, represents an individual life—someone who didn’t want to die.

From birth to the day they are violently killed, pigs suffer lives filled with misery and deprivation.

The look of fear I saw in these animals’ eyes began to turn into a look of defeat. They lost hope.

While I couldn’t save these animals, I knew in that moment, I had to be their voice.

We can end this cycle of suffering.


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"I am outraged by the shocking animal abuse recently uncovered at Tosh Farms, one of your pork suppliers. It is time for JBS to prohibit its pork suppliers worldwide from cramming pigs into tiny cages and to put an end to painful mutilations without pain relief."

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